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PBB Alfabit

Alfabit is an innovative product, which is a polymer-bitumen binder. Technical characteristics of this modern material are considerably superior to similar characteristics of traditional petroleum asphalts.

PBB Alfabit finds its active application in the most diverse fields of road building. It is of current importance as the traffic load on Russian roads is growing annually. Russian roads often fail to withstand adverse climatic conditions and heavy working loads.

Application of PBB Alfabit in road building guarantees quality road paving for ten–twenty years. Such roads are not prone to cracks in winter or track pits in summer.

POVOLZHYE+ LLC sells wholesale PBB Alfabit at best prices.

The following grades of PBB Alfabit are distinguished:

  • PBB Alfabit 40;
  • PBB Alfabit 60;
  • PBB Alfabit 90.

These grades may be shipped from

  • Petro-Chem Technologies LLC,Vorovskogosettl, Moscow Region;
  • MPK KRZ CJSC, Ryazan.

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