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303 km of federal road to be repaired in 2017 in Central Russia.


37 sections of federal roads of 303 km in length will be repaired in 2017 by Tsentroavtomagistral, a subordinate of the Federal Road Agency. The repair will cover 32 km of road R-22 Caspian at the boundary of the Moscow and Tula regions, 63 km of road A-108 “MBK” and 47 km of A-107 “MMK”. A special attention will be paid to M-5 Ural, where 103 km of roadway will be repaired. Herewith, Rosavtodor explains that the basic work will be made in the Moscow Region – 284 km. Works will include replacement of road paving, reinforcement of roadsides, installation of protecting barriers and road signs with double light-reflecting layer.

(sm-news.ru - official website, 07.02.2017)

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