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Ten percent of regional roads to be rapaired in Moskow Region in 2017


Road builders of the Moscow Region are planning to repair one tenth of regional roads this year. A correspondent of Podmoskovye segodnya (Moscow Region Today) Internet portal reports this today.

“During the repair season this year the paving of 10% of regional roads will be renovated,” announced Vladimir Tsypulin, Head of SFI MR Mosavtodor.

According to Mosavtodor’s press service, major repairs are planned on sections “Chekhov–Kresty” in the Chekhov District, “Paveltsevo–Vertkovo-Hudol” in the Klin District, “Tver–Lotoshino–Shakhovskaya–Uvarovka” in Shakhovskaya, “Zaraysk–Klin Beldin–M-5 Ural” in the Zaraysk District, “Khlebnikovo–Rogachevo” in the Dmitrov District, “Shchelkovo-Fryanovo” in the Shchelkovo District, “Bratovshchina–Eldigino–MMK–Gerasimikha–Rakhmanovo”, as well as on the section Yaroslavskoye shosse in the Pushkino District.

Over 70 kilometers of asphalt will be repaired using Novochip technology, which allows laying asphalt concrete on the wet surface and has a number of advantages over traditional methods of repair. Over 400 kilometers of regional roads will be repaired using crushed-rock-and-mastic asphalt concrete mix. Works on more than 170 sections of motor roads will be performed with engagement of contracting agencies. About the same scope of works (in terms sections) will be performed by local branches of SFI MR Mosavtodor.

(mosregtoday.ru - official website, 10.02.2017)

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